#Pinchat ~ How PinBoards (Can) Go Viral & Collaboration

How do you create a viral Pinboard? How do you collaborate and how do you decide who to ask to contribute? Just a few of the questions for tonight’s Pinchat.

Excited to have super power users ,  Julia Cantor and Drew Hawkins on to discuss the phenomenal success of their  Board of Man 48K Followers and counting!

Julia is a Senior Digital Publicist in the Digital Innovation Group at Engauge in Atlanta, GA. She works closely with clients to develop and implement influencer and blogger relations programs. Her experience includes campaign planning, social media marketing and channel integration, digital strategic counsel, project management, design, crisis communications, and online community development. She has worked with brands including Verizon Wireless, Merck Serono, Carter’s, OshKosh B’Gosh, Food Lion supermarkets, GSMA, and Akamai. She earned a B.A. from Union College and M.A. Integrated Marketing Communication from Emerson College. In her spare time, Julia enjoys doing yoga, volunteering, cooking, blogging, and of course, pinning on Pinterest!   Twitter: @juliacantor

Drew is a Kentucky native.  He spent a few years in Chicago out of school before realizing Atlanta had much better weather so he came down here. Drew has been at Engauge for about 9 months.  Board of Man really started as a joke  after a conversation with Julia about how Drew  thought there was no reason for a guy to be on Pinterest.  She told him that if  he didn’t  like it, to change it.  So they did with surprising results.Twitter: @drewhawkins 
#Pinchat was born out of my passion (bordering on obsession) for Pinterest. Join our weekly chat, Friday at 10PM Eastern.
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2 thoughts on “#Pinchat ~ How PinBoards (Can) Go Viral & Collaboration

  1. Kaleidoscope (@kaleidoapp) January 18, 2012 at 11:00 am Reply

    We made a list of pinners to follow on Pinterest: http://www.pinnerstofollow.com that includes brands, celebs, tastemakers and just awesome pinners. Hope it’s useful!

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