Pin Because…

On the surface and according to the website Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows  you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web.  It is a dynamic way to collect and share your interests with people you know and with strangers that have mutual passions.
  • Initially when I started on Pinterest  I was a bit overwhelmed by all of the ambitious creativity. But after exploring my interests and passions ~ I got it.  Once I focused on what interests me instead of  just trying to fit into the categories of Pin boards that were suggested — I got it.  Pinterest is an extension of me and what I find interesting and that is the beauty of it.
Why is Pinterest so hot?
  • We are bombarded by so much content everyday. Pinterest makes it easy for us to consume. It is so much easier to scan and digest images than it is words. It is simple to use. Download the Pin It Bookmarklet and you are ready to Pin. No need to figure out who should be added to what G+ Circle or Facebook list. You can easily filter and focus your interests by following all Pin boards or just a few — YOU decide what is shared with you. More often than not Pinterest is also a positive outlet where people can explore, discover, collect, inspire, and share — in a noise and pressure free environment.

Why you should use Pinterest?

  • It is an opportunity for you to explore and share your interests — to plan and remember. Find recipes, DIY projects and crafts, motivation, and inspiration. Professionals can use it to easily store content ideas for clients, blogs, and for curation. It is an excellent way to ‘listen’ to how people think about products and brands. How do we fit into your life? For teams you can collaborate and easily share ideas that you discover on a multi-contributor Pin board.
Most of the people on Pinterest are using it to plan what they do, make, eat and they are sharing it with others,  friends and family, but mostly strangers. It is a place to dream, discover, collect, learn, and share.

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