More Than Pinning

Join Pinchat #15 tonight with special guest Heather NeRoy and we will discuss More Than Pinning

Pinfluence is written by Heather NeRoy, the girl-next-door who set out to  “put my own spin on my favorite Pinterest pins”.  Shortly after joining Pinterest, Heather noticed that she {along with many fellow pinners} was spending more time pinning fabulous recipes, ideas, and projects than actually creating them.  Determined to use Pinterest as a way to enhance her time with her family, Heather set about to let Pinterest Influence {Pinfluence} every aspect of her life.  Heather has successfully {and not so successfully} completed over 50 pins and chronicled her successes {and failures} all at
Twitter:  @Pinfluenced

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2 thoughts on “More Than Pinning

  1. Jana February 21, 2012 at 2:44 am Reply

    That’s very awesome!!! Actually, I was doing the same (pinning away, spending a lot of time looking for new pins) but I happened to see this a few days ago and thought hmmm… I should actually try the pins! Now, 3 recipes later… I’m loving how Pinterest is Pinfluencing me!

    • Kelly Lieberman February 21, 2012 at 3:13 am Reply

      this is great Jana! It has me motivated as well ~ grocery list full of Pinterest inspiration that will be created this week:)

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