Learn How to Use Pinterest for Causes

Join Pinchat this Friday at 10PM Eastern to learn  how Jennifer Windrum is using Pinterest for WTF? For Lung Cancer.

Jennifer doesn’t “do” status quo. She left the corporate world to create social change through her politically incorrect “WTF?” (Where’s the Funding) for Lung Cancer?  social media movement. Windrum is chronicling her mom’s battle with lung cancer and building a community of advocates to increase awareness and funding for the #1 cancer killer and THE least funded. No her mom didn’t smoke. ANYONE can get lung cancer. Last year, Jennifer’s campaign was nominated as a finalist in Mashable’s 4th Annual Awards for “Most Creative Social Media Campaign” and recently featured in the Huffington Post.

Jennifer is also in full-blown start-up mode with the launch of her new sock monkey line called “SMAC!- Sock Monkeys Against Cancer,” where her long-term dream is to have every hospital give smac! monkeys to everyone diagnosed with cancer. 

Jennifer began her career in 1997 as a TV news reporter for KMTV-Channel 3, Omaha, Nebraska’s CBS affiliate.  After three years in the news business, she  transitioned to the “other side” – public relations – where she became press secretary for then Omaha Mayor Hal Daub. Now, she’s using all of her professional skills to lead a grassroots movement to make lung cancer a national priority – a move she truly believes is “her calling.”





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