Innovative Marketing on Pinterest

Join PinChat tonight at 9PM ET to discuss innovative marketing on Pinterest. 

Check out the following campaigns as a reference for tonight’s questions.

Smoyz  did a Pinterest campaign for Kotex in which they found 50 inspiring women.  

Then the brand sent virtual gifts to each one of the individuals. If the recipient pinned the virtual gift, she would then get a real gift.

100% of the women posted something about their gift, not only on Pinterest, but also on all the other major social networks.

Total Kotex kits sent, 50. Total interactions, 2,284. Total Impressions, 694,853.

Woman’s Inspiration Day by Kotex

Honda’s Pintermission

Honda offered some of the most active pinners $500 to take a 24-hour Pinterest break, to get out and do some of the stuff they’re pinning about. 

The lucky Pinners will share images from their short break on Honda’s Pinterest page after coming back.  Five pinners have taken Honda up on their offer – one is travelling to London and another is heading to Hawaii.


Peugeot in Panama, is running a Pinterest-based puzzle contest. People could find pieces at the Peugeot Panama Facebook page or website, pin them on their own boards and share it with Peugeot. Completed boards will win prizes




Lindt Chocolate partnered with Autism Speaks to raise money for autism awareness and used the Pinning power of Pinterest to raise $10,000.




Q1. How are you utilizing the data available on Pinterest  for your clients/yourself?

Q2. What tools are you using to research and connect with your community on Pinterest?

Q3. What are your main goals and objectives for marketing on Pinterest?

Q4. Considering the investment involved  to accomplish these campaigns, what would you use to measure the success?

Q5. How can brands partner with each other or non-profits to create campaigns on Pinterest?

Q6. Should brands kick off their presence on Pinterest with a contest?

Q7.  What other innovative campaigns have you seen on Pinterest?


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