Pin Images from Magazines Like You Pin From a Website

Digimarc‘s Print-to-Pin Solution enables magazines, advertisers, retailers and others to drive Pinterest enthusiasts from printed materials to their corporate Pinterest sites without marring the creative aesthetics of the materials. Learn how publications are using the Print-to-Pin Solution to enhance reader engagement.

Please join #PinChat, Wednesday, July 18th at 9PM EST to learn more about Pinterest-enabled magazines. Also view the video below to see Print-to-Pin in action.

Digimarc Bios:

 Damon Knight, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Digimarc

As the lead of the Digimarc Communications Team, Damon is the primary champion of the Digimarc brand. He is responsible for all communications and marketing materials as it relates to the Digimarc Discover platform, including the Print-to-Pin Solution. Damon has been with Digimarc for 6 years. Before coming to Digimarc, Damon served as the Marketing Manager for Fios, Inc. – an e-discovery solution provider.

Ashleigh Fortune, Executive Assistant to the CEO

For more than 7 years, Ashleigh has been an integral component of the Digimarc team with a keen understanding of the company’s vision and the priorities of the CEO. As such her role extends into a wide-range of initiatives in both the Marketing and Human Resources departments. An avid Pinterest user, Ashleigh has been a key contributor to the Digimarc Discover Print-to-Pin Solution, providing the perspective of a heavy user of the Pinterest platform.


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