What is #PinChat?

What is #PinChat?

#PinChat, Pinterest Chat, is a weekly Twitter chat, every Wed 9:00 PM EST to discuss all things Pinterest:  latest info for brands, discuss best practices, new uses, personal/professional use and tools for Pinterest.

What do we talk about?

Each week we discuss a different topic or have a featured guest. We highlight best practices, brand usage, trends, marketing, market research, and news. If you are just getting started with Pinterest and want to learn the basics or are a Pinning pro, #PinChat is a great place to learn with other Pinterest enthusiasts.

What is the format of #PinChat?

#PinChat usually has a featured guest, with a moderated Q & A by me. All #PinChatters are encouraged to share their insights and questions throughout the chat.

You can see recent #PinChat guests here.

We also have topic chats with a Q & A for all. 

How can you participate in #PinChat?

To participate in #PinChat, I encourage you to use Tweetchat, it makes it incredibly easy to manage the high volume of posts. Tweetchat will also automatically insert the #PinChat hashtag to the end of your tweets. You can also use Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or Twitter. To use Tweetdeck and Hootsuite create a column and search for #PinChat.

On Twitter search for #PinChat. If you use Tweetchat, Hootsuite, or Tweetdeck, I recommend keeping Twitter open to the mentions so you do not miss a tweet directed to you.

#PinChat Rules:

  • Stay on topic
  • Link to articles during the chat that relate to the topic or guest
  • Please share personal Pinterest profile at the end of the chat

How did and when did #PinChat get started?

I created #Pinchat ~ to fill a need in the community of people wanting to learn more about Pinterest both for personal, professional, non-profit/cause, and brand use. In November 2011, I launched the chat.
#Pinchat is not affiliated with any particular organization. I am not a representative or employee of Pinterest, just a passionate Pinner 🙂

#PinChat was recently recognized by Mashable as one of the 15 Essential Twitter Chats for Social Media Marketers.

#PinChat also has a Facebook group and of course you can follow #PinChat on Pinterest here or here

Hope you can join us! Happy Pinning and Tweeting!


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2 thoughts on “What is #PinChat?

  1. Cindy Marie Jenkins October 18, 2012 at 3:11 am Reply

    Great chat. Thanks so much!

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