Teens and Pinning on Pinterest

Why should brands pay attention to the teen demographic?  What advantages are there in marketing to teens/young adults? Do you have Pinterest pins or boards for teens or by teens/young adults?   Join #PinChat, Wednesday, September 19th at 9PM EST to discuss Teens and Pinning with special guest popcosmo.

Kim Gordon, along with her 16-year-old daughter, Chloe, founded popcosmo, the teen website for all things related to fashion, lifestyle, DIY, and beauty in 2011.  In less than a year, they have grown from a small local site to 3 cities and over 16,000 Facebook fans. They were recently interviewed by Entrepreneur.com for their success on Pinterest driving traffic to their website and featured in the just published book, “Pinterest for Business” by Jess Loren and Ed Swiderski.


Although launched by Kim and Chloe when they moved to Louisville and couldn’t find online teen resources online, they quickly realized the teen market is a group of influencers who love to spread ideas and brand names to their friends. Teens gather inspiration online before heading to brick and mortar stores with friends, and the teen demographic delights in being trendsetters. Teens are a Pinner’s, and all of social media’s, dream because of their entuhusiasm for sharing what they find to be the coolest and latest!  Chloe manages the look of the popcosmo’s Pinterest account and her connection with other teens is what Kim accounts for popcosmo’s success on Pinterest.


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