#PinChat with TripleLift


TripleLift’s platform measures how a brand’s visual assets are being shared and engaged with across the web. With Triple Lift’s technology consumers can Pin products directly from banner ads to Pinterest.

Learn more about what TripleLift offers  e-commerce brands, publishers, and agencies Wednesday, November 7th at 9PM EST during #PinChat.

Ari Lewine is Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Triple Lift. TripleLift is the market leader in providing content amplification technology for brands and publishers. As Chief Strategy Officer, Ari leads the company’s direction on strategy both internally and externally on carrying out the company’s overall goals. Most recently, Ari was head of the performance sales team at AppNexus – an advertising technology company. Ari’s work at AppNexus focused on increasing the efficiency of media buying for advertisers, ad networks, and publishers.  Ari started his entrepreneurial endeavors at 17 when he purchased University Trucking, a shipping and storage company, grew it to 125 employees, and sold the company in 2009. He loves to travel and enjoys road cycling and snowboarding. Ari holds a B.S.B.A in Finance and Entrepreneurship from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis.


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