PinAlerts: Like Google Alerts For Pinterest


Do you know if your images are being Pinned? Find out how you can use PinAlerts to monitor and improve your marketing efforts on Pinterest.

Join #PinChat, Wednesday November 14th at 9PM EST to learn more


About our guests: is a direct product of the Pinterest hype that truly began in the eve of 2011. Janet Thaeler and Paul Wilson, long time web marketing geeks, saw the Pinterest craze and were strong advocates for the infant social network. However, they wanted to understand further the impact Pinterest had on business.

Thus began a long journey of publishing two books on Pinterest for business, both of which will be published Spring Summer soon. Due to Janet’s and Paul’s intense focus on writing these books a mountain of research surfaced. was launched in order to make sense of this data, and to further help businesses turn this information into actionable items.

We welcome all, new comers and pinheads alike, to join us in in making sense of this fascinating Pinterest journey!


Janet Thaeler: Janet is most well known for her expertise in online PR. In 2010 she authored “I Need a Killer Press Release–Now What???: A Guide to Online PR.” Currently, she is a full time Internet marketing consultant. You can read about Janet on her blog at





Paul Wilson: Paul has a master’s from Carnegie Mellon University in Information Technology eBusiness. During his time there he started, and currently runs, his own media firm Qu3stion Media. Paul has been doing web marketing since 1999, and is always looking for the next great challenge. You can find Paul’s marketing musings at



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