Connecting Influencers and Brands on Pinterest


Join #PinChat Wednesday, March 20th at 9PM EST with HelloSociety

We will discuss how HelloSociety connects top Pinterest influencers and brands, recent campaigns, disclosure, and how influencers use other platforms with Pinterest.

MindyHu HelloSociety

Mindy is currently the social media manager at HelloSociety. She recently graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in Communications in 2012. About a month after graduation, Mindy decided to make the big move to Los Angeles where she was a summer intern for Emanate PR before she was hired at the social media start-up, HelloSociety.

HelloSociety is a full service Pinterest agency that represents more than 200 top tastemakers. With this exclusive network, HelloSociety has paired over 250 leading brands with the most influential voices across fashion, beauty, home, food, and more, with organic campaigns that are among the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and user engagement online. HelloSociety. HelloInsights also provides competitive analysis, brand management and Pinterest analytics.

Outside of work, Mindy watches an excessive amount of TV, loves to eat pizza,
is on Pinterest too much, and hates going to the gym. She can also be found
laughing at a lot of jokes no one else finds funny. Sometimes people find this
wonderful. Most times people look at her like she’s a weirdo.

This one time she met Adam Scott and acted really awkward around him.

You can follow Mindy @huismindy and HelloSociety @hello_society


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