#PinChat with P.INK


Join #PinChat on October 16th at 9PM ET with P.INK

P.INK is Pinning tattoo inspirations, ideas, and artist info for breast cancer survivors and has made Pinterest its main website.

Azmina Karimi, P.INK

Azmina Karimi is one of the passionate minds behind P.INK. Her love for this project stems from the personal impact of breast cancer in her family, and her mission to improve lives through design and creativity.

Her role as an experience designer involves mapping out digital and physical experiences that are delightful and human-centered. Azmina is particularly fascinated in improving service-based experiences such as retail and health care. She also dabbles in the design research realm exploring how technology impacts different cultures and demographics. Her most recent work in this area can be found here: https://vimeo.com/album/2284438/video/62629245

Azmina’s other hobbies include vocals, music composition and indulging in desserts. A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Azmina now resides in Boulder, Colorado and is humbled to be part of meaningful initiatives like P.INK.

Jillian Hart, P.INK

Jillian Hart is another one of the dedicated team members of P.INK, and helps manage the project’s social media efforts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. She is also aiding in the planning of the first P.INK Day in Brooklyn, New York. Jillian’s role in every day brand work can be translated to building online momentum leading up to P.INK Day and daily connections after. When she is not creating awesome and effective content and strategies for social media channels, you can find Jillian hiking, biking, rock climbing, perusing Pinterest, cooking, and frequently snapping photos of her food on Instagram.

Jillian is excited to be a part of the P.INK team, helping to change the lives of individual breast cancer survivors to find a creative healing option in tattoos.


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