#PinChat with Ahalogy


Join #PinChat, Wednesday November 6th at 9PM ET

with Ahalogy: Pioneering the Science of Discovery on Pinterest

Susan Wenner Jackson

Susan Wenner Jackson is VP of Content Partnerships for Ahalogy, a fast-growing social media software and service company that helps brands and content creators grow results on Pinterest. Susan heads up the Ahalogy Content Network, the first and only content network for Pinterest, matching publishers who want traffic with big brands who need visual content.

Susan is cofounder of Working Moms Against Guilt, a blog that’s been featured on ABC News, the New York Times, CNN, NPR, Real Simple, the Wall Street Journal and more. Previously, she worked as a copywriter for digital advertising agencies, PR professional, magazine editor and newspaper reporter.

Susan received her master’s in journalism from Northwestern/Medill and her BA from Miami University.


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One thought on “#PinChat with Ahalogy

  1. […] Ng, and Jeff Sieh. She’s interviewed business that work on supporting Pinterest efforts like Ahalogy, Hello Society, Viraltag, Piqora, Curalate . Plus big brands like Elizabeth Arden, The Grommet, […]

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